Wednesday, May 5, 2010

here goes

bla bla bla bla bla bla bla i am soooooooooooooo bored!!!!!!!!!


i am soooooooooooooooooo bored!!!

I am so bored i don't even have anything to say on here. And add to that i can't think of a story to write. See this is when followers come in handy. Now give me an idea!!! jk ;P

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

wow you are all boring jk:) but you could comment every once in a while

Friday, April 9, 2010

imagination creation

Here is another preview.

I'm fourteen, fourteen years old and they still treat me like a baby. I opened up my window ans stepped out onto the overhanging roof.

I liked to come out here a lot it was the one place that i could access my favorite place in the world... My imagination.

I imagined myself soaring above the clouds and mountains. All around me a bright blue sky. The wind lapping at my face.

I saw many great wonders of earth, the great wall of china, the pacific ocean,etc. The clouds past by me in a blur.

Suddenly the world twisted and turned in a spiral and transformed into a dark, dreary hell-like place. Humans were there being beaten with whips.

I twisted my body so that my head was facing one of the attackers. I charged towards the man. Before i reached him he noticed me and flung his whip at my back. It made contact and stung my upper-right should. My shoulder-length brown hair slightly cut.

I grimaced and looked at my shoulder. No blood, "Good." I thought, but there was a bruise.

I flew far enough away from him so that he could not hit me when i remembered, "It's my imagination i can do anything i want."

I made the whip come from his hand and into a fire. The ground started to shake, an evil smile came across the face of the slave-driver. Out from the ground came a massive volcano. Its curved sides lead to a hole in the top.

Molten lava came from the volcano and started to pour down onto all the prisoners and slave-drivers. I flew above the lava thinking, "That wasn't supposed to happen!,"

scared not knowing what to think i tried to open my eyes. But to my dismay I was stuck.

In the lava i saw to familiar faces, one of a man, and one of a woman. It was my parents! As i flew down to get them a hand reached from the lava and pulled me in.

The lava burned my skin, but left no mark. As the world was fading away a voice broke into my daydream, "Kendra, time for diner."

Yeah you heard right my name is Kendra, Kendra Hart.

After dinner I went to my best friend Mary's house. To me Mary is like a sister, if anyone believed me about the strange daydream it would be her.

Just i was about to ring the doorbell a hand wrapped over my mouth and pulled me away from the door.

I heard Mary's reassuring voice, "There is some men inside looking for you. They look dangerous."

I peered through the window. three men stood inside the house. Tall and lanky they looked extremely dangerous.

One of them angled there face and allowed me to see them. I gasped and practically fell backwards. Standing there with that group of men was the man from her daydream.

Mary whispered under her breath, "Hey Kendra why is your hair burnt near your upper right shoulder."

I felt my hair, it's true it was burnt. Scared i turned around and ran away. My heart pounded in my chest. My only thought was, "Have I lost control."

this segment of this story it will be in a tab if you liked it. the tab is imagination creation thx.


here is a preview of my work.

standing at the start line i looked at the runners around me. They all looked fit and strong, it almost intimidated me. But, of course, if your me you don't get intimidated. As I like to say, running is a way of life, not just a hobby. The screaming fans in the crowd clapping and waving, the wind in your face, it almost feels as if you blend in to the perfect nature that God made around you. My heart starts to pound as it does at the beginning of every race, the adrenaline reaching out into every limb of my body. The runners started to prepare for the race, as did I. With my head down i prayed, i always pray before i run. I got down in a runner's stance when i was done. The gun went off. I could tell by my heart pounding in my chest and the sweat pouring from my forehead to my chin, that the race was on.


hello everyone please tell me an idea for a story that i can create, thus the name story gallery.